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Knife Hit Game App to Earn Real Money

Knife Hit Game App to Earn Real Money

Remember watching blindfolded magicians throw knives at their targets? And, sit on the edge of your chair in fear? A remarkable ability you would want to try as well? Knife hit is for you.

A knife hit game is one of the latest games to play online on the OneTo11 App. It is a game of reflexes, which aims at hitting the knife at the right target. And, this is not all. You get to Earn Real Money by playing it on the knife hit Game app of OneTo11.

Understand the Format of the Knife Hit Game App

Knife Hit is an arcade-based game. It involves swiftness and skill in hitting the right spot on the rotating board.  Rules for playing it on oneTo11 are easy. 

Tricks to Move Ahead in the Game

Clumsy efforts during the game will get you nowhere. Throwing knives at a constant spinning board is not easy.  Remember that the ones that miss the target remain on the board.  Hit them, and you are gone.

 You cannot hit objects that pop up on the rotating board.  It shall end your game. 

You will get a bonus round after every 5 or 6 levels. A bonus round gives you new knives to help you move to the next level.  A bonus round challenges you differently. You have to win it to stay in the game longer. 

Practice the game on OneTo11 for free. It will help you to master your moves. Only, when you feel like a pro, play for Earn Real Money and win up to 500.   

Reasons to Play Knife Hit game on OneTo11 App

You can earn money by playing Knife Hit on the OneTo11 app. Good control over your fingers is the only prerequisite. We shall wait to see you in a game of knife hit soon, then.

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