10 fantasy cricket Tips to make you a winner

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Fantasy cricket is at a zenith in the current times. More and more cricket fans are joining it every other minute in a desire to win huge money. And many are successfully doing so. 

The game is getting bigger and the competition tougher! 

Are there fantasy cricket tips to help win the game?

In truth, fantasy cricket is great fun. Excitement levels also run deep when your team seems promising. But creating a winning team isn’t a piece of cake. The groundwork you do before joining a contest has to be precise and well-researched to help you get your hands at a good amount.  

Indeed, there are effective tips, which can help you win if you use them intelligently. Don’t forget, fantasy cricket is a skill-based game. 

So, without wasting time, let’s take a quick look at those handy tips.

Join Telegram Channels

Telegram channels share accurate insights, stats, records, players’ recent forms, and other details related to cricket matches. These are easily available for joining. 

You can try the OneTo11 telegram channel for the most current updates about upcoming cricket leagues and create your team accordingly.  

Join Facebook groups

Generally, fantasy cricket apps discuss the teams and the players on Facebook groups. Joining such groups can help you decide which players to add and which ones to skip.

You can embed the advice given on the OneTo11 Facebook group in your research and make a team that you think could be your winning team.  

Subscribe YouTube channels

Fantasy game apps also have their own YouTube channels where they share expert analysis and insights about the teams to play in the cricket league. If you do not subscribe to it, you may lose out on some important information that can benefit you.  

Thankfully, the OneTo11 YouTube channel is quite interesting as it tells you several other ways to earn regularly from fantasy cricket. 

The previous performance of teams

Don’t forget to take into account the previous performances of the teams. If you do not consider this, you may create a team dependent on the luck factor. 

Since fantasy cricket is about assembling information and putting it to the best use, you can only hope to make a winning team by including players who have done well in the past.

Player’s performance

You shouldn’t decide players without taking into consideration their performance history.  

Fantasy apps like OneTo11 provide information about players to their users.  You can analyze the given details and use them appropriately.

Ground and Pitch report

Smaller grounds favor the batsmen and are anti-bolwers. Include a strong batting lineup for small grounds, as batsmen have a higher chance of scoring boundaries in it. 

The pitch report also helps you to choose between fast bowlers and spinners. By including the right bowling lineup, you have a better chance of winning.  

Toss benefit

Toss benefit is the tricky part. Generally, the team that bats first has a higher likelihood of winning than the team that bats second. More players from the side that wins the toss can go in your favor. 

Since you can make last-minute changes in your OneTo11 team, do not forget to include who wins the toss. 

Weather information

Not considering the weather report before you decide on the team can be a blunder on your part. 

If the weather is overcast, then the fast bowlers of the bowling side have an advantage. If the weather is humid, run-scoring may be slow. 

So, choose your team accordingly. 

Choose Your Captain and Vice-Captain Wisely

Your captain and vice-captain can turn around the match for you as they fetch you the maximum points. Choosing them should be done patiently and skillfully. Try and take them from different teams and make sure they are either an all-rounder or an opener.  

You have a higher chance of excellent performance from them. Openers stay longer on the field if they bat well.  Your captain and vice-captain can do the trick for you if you choose them intelligently.

Maintain a Balance between Batsmen and Bowlers

Don’t drift only towards a batting side or only a bowling one. Maintain a balance between your strikers and wicket-takers. Make sure that you include top-order batsmen and wicket-taking bowlers who have a good track record.

A last bit of advice!

Use your 100 credits wisely. If forced to choose between two equally good players, choose the one with a better performance record.  

All the best for a great win!  

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