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Online Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy games, especially online fantasy cricket, have been the most revolutionary transformation in the world of sports. For, it has not only opened new ways of earn daily but has also connected cricket fans more integrally with the game as well.

What exactly is Online Fantasy Cricket?

As the name indicates, online fantasy cricket is a contest about cricket on a digital platform. You create an imaginary cricket team by including real players in it. And the aim here is to win cash prizes for your team’s conduct.

Though, you need three things to play it. 

A smartphone

Internet connectivity

An online mode of payment

Now, the mobile can either be an android phone or an iPhone. However, the only condition is that the version of both should support the fantasy app.  

Do You Have to Pay To Play Online Fantasy Cricket?

You do not require paying anything for downloading a fantasy app. But you can play it only against an entry fee. However, the amount is usually as low as Rs50 for a small prize contest. 

Many fantasy apps also let their users play with multiple teams. However, every new one is for an additional entry fee. 

Also, fantasy apps usually offer a welcome bonus as well. But you can use it only in the first game you play.

How Do You Play Online Fantasy Cricket?

You play online fantasy cricket with an imaginary team of 11 players. The players are real cricketers. You can select 11 of them from the list of 22. Moreover, a strong team is a catch here! 

Next, you pay an entry fee for your team and bet on its performance. You can also make more than one team. 

Another thing fantasy apps allow is private contests. Here, you can only challenge a small group of friends and distribute your prize among you. You do not compete with other competitors on the platform at large.

How Do You Earn Daily?

Online fantasy cricket apps are great paymasters. They offer their users how to earn money online. First, you can win a cash prize for your team’s performance. Second, you can earn daily referral income by convincing a friend to play on the app as well. Third, by availing the gift vouchers, discount schemes, and other benefits in kind, apps offer to their users. 

And that too at no extra cost!

Which Are the Top Apps For Online Fantasy Cricket? 

Online fantasy cricket app is a massive platform to earn money . Hence, there are many fantasy apps in the market currently. However, only some are worth your time and energy. 

Here are the best apps to play online fantasy cricket.

  • Oneto11
  • MPL
  • Dream11
  • Howzat
  • Ballebaazi
  • MyTeam11
  • My11Circle
  • Fan2Play
  • FSL11
  • Vision11

Though, Oneto11 tops the list of apps by a long margin. 

To sum up:

We hope the article helped you to understand how online fantasy cricket works. And how gradually it can change your monetary life for the better as well!

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