How to Play Fantasy IPL 2022 with Oneto11 & Earn Real Money Daily

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Tata IPL 15th is to begin from 26th March. And people worldwide are waiting for it eagerly. For, where else would they get a chance to earn real money daily for such a long period? 

Well, IPL has been a grand event ever since it began. And currently, it is the most awaited tournament in the cricket world.  However, it is preparing to become even bigger now.  With two new teams and 74 matches this season, it is likely to break all past records.

How Can You Earn Money on IPL 15 From Oneto11? 

Well, to play IPL 15th on Oneto11 and win cash daily from it, doing the below-mentioned steps would work.  

  • Now, before you begin on Oneto11, download and then register on it.  Click to reach the website directly. 
  • Complete your profile on it before IPL 2022 starts.  It will give you time to understand Oneto11. 
  • You can play against millions of competitors in public contests.  However, the facility to challenge only your friends in a private contest is also available on Oneto11. 
  • Completing the registration process is only the first part. The second step includes creating your team.

How Can You Create Team for IPL 15 on Oneto11? 

Creating a team is pretty simple. If you just know how to go about it. 

Well, to begin, you will see 22 names on the app. These are the probable squads for the match. Pick out 11 names from them. And create your team.

But, you cannot take players randomly. Everything, from the number of players you can take from each team to the number of batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers, and all-rounders, is predefined on the app.

Once your team is ready, you can go ahead and join a contest to win money.

Creating a team is the same on all fantasy cricket apps. This includes Oneto11 as well. However, tricks make teams win or lose. 

Some tips to use while selecting players on Oneto11 are:  

First, study the various teams and their past records.  

Next, research pitches as well. Usually, they are disclosed prior to the matches.   Also, select players accordingly. 

The captain and vice-captain are your pillars. Your team can go downhill if they fail to perform. Hence, be intelligent while choosing them. 

Moreover, enter many but small budgeted contests. You will not lose money this way. 

Lastly, watch the Oneto11 telegram channel.  They share expert fantasy cricket tips and predictions on it. 

To Sum Up: 
So, all the best, until the IPL league starts on 26th March. However, we hope to see you aboard soon.

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