5 Things you should keep in mind while picking a team for fantasy cricket

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The notion of Fantasy Cricket is gaining popularity these days. It is one of the fastest-growing game in the cricketing world. Sites such as OneTo 11, Ballebaazi, and others have been offering large sums of money to customers. Fantasy cricket, on the other hand, is a game of chance, and users must be aware of particular methods in order to perform and earn money. Here are a few of them.

  1. Differentiating between formats
    The specification of different game forms should be kept in mind while picking the Captain and Vice-Captain of the fantasy squad. In T20s, for example, it is fairly dangerous to designate a bowler leader of the side, yet in red-ball cricket, bowlers might fetch pretty good points. Spinners, particularly in subcontinental conditions, frequently provide significant benefits to users.
  2. The selection of strikers
    The selection of the correct type of players also has an impact on the outcomes of fantasy cricket competitions. In general, preferring striking bowlers over economical bowlers, produces better outcomes because wickets earn more points than wicketless overs with less runs. Simultaneously, while choosing a batsman, users should strive to select top-order batsmen because, although being skilled at their profession, lower-order batsmen have a comparably smaller likelihood of scoring a higher number of runs.
  3. Research thoroughly
    Even though fantasy cricket games are mostly based on luck, individuals can conduct some research and look at the pitch conditions. Users can keep the name of the stadium in mind and select the appropriate team. When there is a flat course, for example, users can select a greater number of batsmen and batting all-rounders. When the game is played on green decks and in overcast weather, the number of bowlers may be raised.
  4. Organizing the coordination of the players
    Maintaining the ratio of the players is referred to as coordination between the participants. This means that users must ensure that they select players from both sides in the best possible combination. For example, if they select the majority of a batter from Team A, they must ensure that no more bowlers from Team B are selected because only one of the above two can perform effectively in a game. Considering this, it can be quite useful in fantasy cricket games.
  5. Choose players based on their current form
    In Fantasy cricket, the players’ previous records are largely irrelevant. The contests are about how well they do on that current day, regardless of their previous day’s performance. For example, a batsman who is a great performer of all time can be performing badly at times. So decide on the basis  of the current performance of the player.

Hope this is helpful for you to make the best team for your game. Download OneTo11 to win and earn.

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