How a Fantasy Cricket App is Different from a Chance-Based Game?

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A fantasy cricket app can help you win money, but how is it different from a completely chance-based game. There are many gambling games, which are based on Random Number Generators (RNG). Winning or losing in these games is dependent on luck as you never know which number will come up. But fantasy cricket requires skill and devotion. You cannot succeed without using your brains.

Put Your Skills to Test in a Fantasy Cricket App

For most players who play fantasy cricket, winning is just a part of the overall experience of loving the game. Most players are already well-versed with the basics of the game. But not everyone succeeds? Why?

Because the basics are just the start. You need to hone your skills to eliminate chance. Just like bluffing in a game like Poker, you need to be good at lesser-known aspects of the game. For example, knowing pitch and outfield conditions can give you an immediate advantage.

Some things you need to learn while playing on fantasy cricket app:

Learn to be ruthless in your choices

Ruthlessness goes a long way in helping you win. If you are not ruthless and pick your favourite players all the time, you will lose. The best players also have their weaknesses, which come to light in different situations. For instance, a Suresh Raina will not be a good pick on a bouncy track. No matter how many runs he scores against spinners, you should not pick him when he plays on bouncier tracks. Always be methodical and ruthless, and you will win.

Practice makes perfect

Even if you have good knowledge of sports, you might not have the know-how of the apps. Enhance your skills by playing in the free mode. Once you figure out the dynamics of the game, you will be ready to win BIG. You can even complement your earnings via network referrals. Invite your friends to apps like OneTo11 that offer network bonuses and you can maximize earnings.

There is a Reason why Fantasy Sports are Exempt from Public Gaming Act 1867

Do you know fantasy sports are declared a game based on skills? Yes, as per gaming act 1867, the games you play on a fantasy app are all skill-based.

Hence, every penny that you earn on a fantasy cricket app is through your hard work. So, it is a perfectly legitimate way of earning money just like earning money via salaries. Therefore, in free time or during the lockdown, start playing on fantasy apps and get ready to get rich.

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