Top Money Earning Apps in India 2022

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Money Earning Apps

Do you want to earn some extra bucks in 2022? And, can you spare some time for it as well? If yes, then you should explore money-earning apps on your mobile. 

These apps show you how to earn additional cash. Whether you are an executive or a retired homemaker, you can use them to build up a side income.

How do you benefit from money-earning apps?  

There are many apps presently that help you earn money. But, each follows a different protocol. Hence, the benefits they give you may vary.  

Some may give you gift vouchers, while others may give you a cash-back offer. But, every app has something interesting to offer. All you have to do is find the one that suits you best.  

How to use money-earning apps? 

To use them is easy. You will have to download money-earning apps on your mobile. If you are an android user, you can download them from the Play Store. And, if you have an iOS phone, then the Apple App store is the right place for you. 

Next, complete the installation process. It hardly takes a minute. Verify your details, and complete the registration process, henceforth. 

And you are good to go! 

5 Best Money Earning Apps in India 

After understanding how to get them, let us now see the best money-earning apps there are.   


Oneto11 is a social networking gaming platform with many sports and trivia games. You can play fantasy contests of cricket, kabaddi, football, or baseball on it and win cash prizes. 

Besides this, it offers regular referral income and network commission to its users. And you can avail of this by adding more and more friends below you. In addition, Oneto11 has gift vouchers and extra bonuses for its users now and then too.

Download: Android and iOS. 

Withdrawal: Bank account, Paytm wallet

Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is an entertainment app. It presently ranks high in the money-earning apps category. It is because of the multiple ways you can earn from it. Earning methods include reading news, solving puzzles, counting your steps, and playing games.  

Download:  Android and iOS 

Withdrawal: Paytm Wallet  


Meesho is another truly great app for earning money. Here you have to resell the products of other sellers. And you get a good commission for it. However, the way you do it is not their concern.

Download: Android and iOS

Withdrawal: Bank account


Loco is about live quizzes. Here you have to answer questions about science, sports, technology, etc. You win for correct answers. Furthermore, by referring people to the gaming app you can earn additionally. 

Download: Android and iOS

Withdrawal: Paytm Wallet

U Speak We Pay

Let’s discuss another interesting app now. You earn cash here for your reading skills. All you have to do is speak out the sentences that appear on your screen. And, in the language, you prefer as well.  Currently, the app is gaining extreme popularity. 

Download: Android 

Withdrawal: Paytm Wallet

To sum up, you can use these money-earning apps to get some extra cash. And also, make your dreams come true.

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