How to Become Financially Independent by Playing Social Fantasy Games?

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Become Financially Independent

Many of us want to be financially independent and earn good money on our own. But it can be challenging, especially if you are not holding a job. However, fantasy games have made an enormous difference in the lives of many, including mine. 

After hearing about fantasy cricket, I started playing Dream 11 and built a team that I believed was very good. Initially, I won good points and reached a decent position on the leader board. I was earning money, but it wasn’t enough. 

Social Referrals are Vital for Earning Consistent Money

A lot of people earn good money by building teams that perform well. But eventually, there are times when your luck does not go your way. It can be hard to stay invested in the game in such a scenario.

In my experience, it is always best to have a backup plan while playing fantasy games. And this backup plan was provided to me when I discovered the social and referral features of the fantasy cricket game.

It is easy for even non-social people to connect with other people through online platforms like Facebook and Instagram. When you have a good following on social media, you can invite other people, share your team and plans. These are entertaining and exciting things to do, and at the same time, you earn good money while doing them.

Play the Game Smartly and Always Stay on the Front foot Financially

Sports fantasy games are good pastimes, but you can play them smartly and stand an excellent chance of earning money. Below are some tips that you can follow to make the most of your time:

Analyse like a pro by learning from them

Next time you hear cricket commentary, try to learn from the experts, especially from those who have played the game. The tips that they provide might not be 100% accurate, but they do give you good insights on how to build a team. 

Learn how to read a pitch and conditions

Reading a pitch and predicting if the outfield will have moisture in the second innings of a day/night game are crucial skills for a fantasy cricket player. Think of yourself as the team captain and try to predict which player will perform better based on the existing conditions. 

Don’t take defeat or win to your heart

If you win, don’t get too excited. If you lose, don’t feel too down. Maintain a neutral mindset and bet with your mind without getting emotional about your favourite players.

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